Leadership from the top is lacking with the New York Giants

Tom Coughin - (Image: Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Tom Coughlin – (Image: Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Ten weeks into the NFL season, the New York Giants are 3-6, heading nowhere fast. The narrative has been the same now for the past few weeks with the Giants, no passion and no heart. Injuries are an easy fallback for an excuse as to why the Giants have played so poorly. However, there also comes a time for accountability. That’s become no more evident than after how awful the Giants looked this past Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks.

Injuries have robbed the Giants of their depth this season, they don’t have the talent to keep up with the league’s top teams for four quarters. What can’t be ignored about Sunday’s loss to Seattle was the way their defense was dominated.

The Seahawks ran the football down the Giants throat, rushing for a franchise record of 350 yards. It’s one thing to allow Marshawn Lynch to go beast mode for 140 yards and four touchdowns, however it’s unacceptable to have that along with quarterback Russell Wilson run for another 107 yards with a touchdown. The Seahawks averaged 5.2 yards a carry rushing the football through their first 8 games of the season, they ran to the tune of 8.2 yards against the Giants on Sunday. (ESPN New York, Nov. 9th)

The Giants defense couldn’t stop a nosebleed on Sunday.

Antrel Rolle, Jason-Pierre-Paul are the Giants defensive leaders, they have said all the right things this season as for why the Giants are where they are. However, this is beyond them. No NFL team should run for that many yards (that easily) against your defense. It’s no longer about the Giants not having the players, it’s now about leadership on the next level, the coaches.

Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell has to be held accountable for not having his defense prepared for Seattle.  The Giants are last in the NFL in defense, that’s not all on the players, it’s also a matter of game planning and adjustments.

Winning two Super Bowls has camouflaged a great deal that’s wrong with this team. The debate can be made that head coach Tom Coughlin’s message is no longer getting across with the players, maybe a new voice is needed. General manager Jerry Reese needs to also answer for the alarming inconsistency his teams have shown under his watch.

There is plenty wrong with the Giants that needs work after the season, addressing the leadership should be at the top of the list.

Anthony Rushing | @AnthonyRushing





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