Michael Cuddyer on decision to sign with the Mets: “It really wasn’t about the money”

Michael Cuddyer - (Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Michael Cuddyer – (Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

They always say it’s not about the money.

Newly signed outfielder Michael Cuddyer turned down a $15.3 million qualifying offer from the Colorado Rockies to head east and play for the New York Mets. Cuddyer noted his desire to contend for a team on the east coast, as a primary reason he’s packing his bags and saying goodbye to Colorado.

Cuddyer agreed to a two-year, $21 million deal with the Mets, however he wanted to set the record straight on how much the money factored into his decision (Rubin, Nov 11th).

“It really wasn’t about the money,” Cuddyer said Tuesday, a day after passing a physical. “As hard as it is for some to believe, it’s not always about the money. And this was one of those cases. I think just the excitement of being able to come to the East, come play for the Mets, that was the biggest attraction. You get to the point that I’m at in my career, that’s the thing that’s important: One, to win. And wanting to be closer to home. Both of those issues were nailed in this signing, for me at least.”

Cuddyer’s close friendship with Mets’ team captain David Wright has also been reported to have played a major role in his decision. They both grew up in the Norfolk, Virginia, area and have maintained a close friendship over the years.

In my column for CitySportsReport.com, I note the Cuddyer signing as being a clear indication of how serious the Mets are about contending in 2015.

Cuddyer isn’t the cure for everything wrong with the Mets offensively, however he’s a step in the right direction. General manager Sandy Alderson wanted to address the need for another quality bat in the lineup and he wasted no time in doing so on someone who clearly wants to play for his team.

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